Art Camps for Kids

Creative Kids Summer Art Camp

Let’s Get Creative

August 15, 16, 17, 18

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Fun with Fabric & Creative Design

In this creative fabric art camp, kids will be introduced to creating a diverse range of artwork on fabric using various techniques.

Artistic projects will include developing T-shirts using stencils and block printing, creating abstract batik art on cotton and multimedia fabric art.

Art sessions will include:

T-shirt Block Printing – Learn how to create and stamp block printing designs onto T-shirts.

Tie-dye Batik T-shirt - Create tie-dye batik T-shirts using glue and fabric dyes.

Abstract Batik Art on Cotton – Creative abstract art on cotton using wax and dyes.

Fabric Multimedia Art

Burlap Art Design

Each session is 3 hours per day. Each session includes a 15 minute snack break.

Fee: $175/child

Ages: 6-12

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Creative Kids Summer Art Camp

Amazing Abstract Art & Watercolour Design Creative Camp

Let’s get creative!

August 22, 23, 24, 25

Time: 1-4pm

In this creative art camp kids will create a variety of abstract artwork using various techniques. Artwork will be created using abstract paint and tape techniques, abstract acrylic art pour, as well as art mediums that can create texture and dimension.  Young artists will also experiment with creating abstract watercolour art and designs.

Watercolour and Ink – learn how to develop watercolour and ink paintings.

Watercolour Batik Art – develop creative watercolour batik paintings using dyes and glue on watercolour paper.

Paint Blaster Art – use glue and water squirters to create abstract art

Abstract Paint & Tape - develop abstract artwork using acrylic paint and tape.

Abstract Paint and Pour – creative wonderful abstract art by pouring paint and glue onto canvas. 

Abstract Texture Art - add dimension and depth to artwork by incorporating acrylic painting mediums to your artwork.  Kids will experiment with palette knives, modeling paste and gel mediums.

Each session is 3 hours per day. Each session includes a 15 minute snack break.

Fee: $175

Ages: 6-12

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