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We will take the fear out of the act of creating art and help guide you through the process. Just bring your creativity and enthusiasm and we will supply all of the materials that you need to paint your creation. Remember, there is no experience required!

Our art workshops are held at our Toronto art Studio and focus on creating art on various mediums to stimulate your creativity. Workshops include:

  • Painting on canvas
  • Silk painting
  • Batik on cotton using wax and dyes
  • Batik on wood using wax and dyes
  • Poetic Art on wood, paper and fabric


Each art workshop focuses on exploring creativity by bringing your own inspiration to life. We will work with you to create something inspirational. Our art workshops focus on creativity. We will not have everyone in the workshop recreate the same art piece – line for line, colour for colour. But instead, you will have your choice of black and white line drawings to work with or you can bring your own drawing in or work entirely from your imagination. You will add your own unique colours and inspiration to the drawing making it your very own unique artistic creation.

Some of our scheduled workshops also provide an opportunity to combine poetry and art as an artistic creation.

Art Workshops for Kids and Adults in Toronto

Our workshops range from beginner (don’t worry it’s pretty easy), 

Moderate (stay focused it’s doable) to challenging (harder but not impossible).



Kids' Art Workshops

Children love to explore. They love the opportunity to create and express themselves through color, form and texture. The act of painting is about exploration and self-expression and we would love to help your child creatively express themselves through the art of painting. 

When children and youth have the opportunity to create art they are building a foundation of creativity that enhances problem solving skills and elevates confidence levels.

Creating art develops self-esteem, the appreciation of the work of others, self-expression, cooperation with others, and critical thinking skills. Art workshops help youth to better articulate their perceptions and shape coherent responses to their experiences.  When children learn to appreciate form and color and when they learn the importance of fashioning their own images of the world around them, they achieve greater discipline and self-confidence.

Our kids’ workshops are suitable for children aged 8 and older. All young artists under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Workshops Cost: $25 (and up)

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Interested in doing something less structured?
Drop-in for a FreeFlow art session with your child to share a canvas and collaborate. You'll have a great time creating together! Please email us or call us before dropping in to ensure that a party or event is not scheduled.

We have options for everyone!
Paint With Your Kids' - Package I - One child and one adult create on a 16x20 canvas - $20.00
Paint With Your Kids' - Package II - Two children and up to two adults - create on an 18x24 canvas-$30.00
Parent & Child Painting Drop in - children ages 2-6yrs old can get creative with washable paints on canvas - $12.50 for a kiddie canvas. We also have painting options for children 6+.

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