Painting Parties Toronto

Painting Parties Toronto

People often ask me if I knew how popular the painting parties would be at Fresh Paint Studio. I knew that painting parties would be a major focus of the business. But I had no idea how many requests I would have already had to host them in the Studio as well as how many we would have successfully had in eight months.

We have hosted painting parties for kids as young as two years old and adults. Our painting parties have involved creating glass art, painting and taping abstract creations, and paper mask art, just to name a few.

At our painting parties, we provide an option to bring in food and drinks for the party goers and ensure that everyone has a creative masterpiece to go home with.

We have over 10 painting party options and we can also design customized themes. Some of our customized theme parties have included: a Ghostbuster’s party, a Minecraft party, a Star Wars party and a Unicorn Party.

Whether it is a kids’ birthday party, company event or a bachelorette party, we can design a creative and fun painting party that you will love.